Company Profile

Fifty years of experience.

A management – the Lora family’s one – which is passionate, solid and qualified, integrated by a company and management concept addressed to the partnership, internationality and the future. A team of high-qualified engineers and technicians, who are used to think big and to get excellent performances and quality levels. A team of skilled people who are moved by a strong sense of membership. A choral team game based on the exchange of ideas, opinions, feelings and on the constant collaboration with the Customer. On these basis, Progetti Plant has established itself on an international level as a reference reality in the process analysis, in the project and execution of “turn-key” production technological systems.

In the hospital field, Progetti Plant offers integrated solutions for healthcare system, hospital, clinic and medical facility equipment projects. Everything from advising and financing to logistics and commissioning. Today Progetti Plant represents the excellence in terms of specialization and reliability for the planning, execution and maintenance of industrial systems. In the field of renewable energies, Progetti Plant boasts a know-how aimed at the reduction and optimization of consumptions, focusing on the research and the innovation.

This and much more besides is Progetti Plant.