Lora Family


Progetti Plant history started more than forty years ago. It was 1967 when Fernando Lora, in his early twenties, decided to give birth to that company which is today known as Progetti Plant; the company embodies the founder’s dynamic vision, and has been able to evolve step by step in order to study, project and carry out systems capable of exploiting energies at best. The 1967, however, wasn’t just the starting of numerous professional successes. It is also the year when Fernando Lora laid the bases of his family by getting married to Mirella, his partner, collaborator and now an essential presence moving ‘behind the scenes’, trying to restore daily balance and serenity.


By Fernando Lora ‘s side today there are also his son Marco and daughter Lisa who, together with their father, become the spokesmen of fundamental values such as the collaboration, the respect, and the trust, by committing themselves to contribute the company’s development. Actually, Progetti Plant has become an influential reference point for the international market, a reality to the constant research of challenges that allows to look ahead and that, at the same time, turns into continuous growth courses.


Four units and close collaborators that are used to work in group which are almost a natural extension of the Lora family. The team is made of many collaborators, but also customers, or even better partners, that become interlocutors working side by side with the team, and promoting the development of relationship based on mutual esteem. All this allows Progetti Plant to go beyond the traditional working relationship.

History, evolution and people: all this is Progetti Plant.