Ceramic Innovation Reference Map

Turn-Key Plants

Ceramerica 2
Saltillo – Mexico
Static Dynamic Dryer for 3700 pieces in Vitreous-China per day, Moulds Dryer, Mechanical & Electrical systems.
Duravit India Private Limited
Ahmedabad – India
Mechanical & Electrical Systems, Dryers, Casting Hall air treatment (4 units), Thermal plant
Kohler India Corporation
Jhagadia – India
17 Dryers, 10 Air Handling Units for Cast Shop air conditioning, Thermal Plant, Slip Heating System, Energy Recovery System.
Kohler Sanimex S.A. de C.V.
Monterrey – Mexico
Static and continuous dryers, Casting Halls Conditioning System, Thermal Plant, Energy Recovery System, Slip Heating System.
Sanitarios Lamosa S.A. de C.V
Monterrey – Mexico
Mechanical & Electrical Systems, Dryers, Casting halls Conditioning Systems, Slip Heating Systems.
Toto Sanitarios de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Monterrey – Mexico
Electrical & Mechanical systems, Casting Hall Conditioning Systems, Dryers, Energy Recovery System, Slip Heating Systems


AAA Gerber Plumbing Fixture – U.S.A. Chicago – U.S.A.
Static Dynamic Dryer 48 buggies/day.
ABB Italy
Drying kiln 120°C.
Akek Heraklion – Crete – Greece
Semi-continuous dryer for bricks.
Al Amir Cairo – Egypt
Casting Shop Conditioning System.
Almaznaia Russia
Project for Air Treatment Plant in Casting Shop 3420 m, General Plant, Continuous Dryer 4200 pieces/day.
American Standard Tlaxcala – Mexico
Continuous Rapid Dryer 8523 pieces per day, Air Treatment Plant for Casting Shop 12.625 m, Centralized water production 120°C.
American Standard Santa Clara – Messico
Static Dynamic Dryer 1800 bowls per day, Slip Heating System, Thermal Plant 815 Kw.
American Standard Aguas Caliente – Mexico
Casting Shop Environmental Control 12.150 m, Modification of 14 Dryers, Energy Recovery System, Thermal Plant, Slip Heating System.
Armitage Shanks (Ideal Standard) Staffordshire – United Kingdom
Casting Hall Environmental Control 2940 m, Continuous Dryer 6337pcs/day, Glaze Dryer, Osmosis Kit, Mechanical systems, Slip Heating System.
Astra Civita Castellana – Italy
Project for Air Treatment Plant for Casting Shop 4000 m, Mechanical and Electrical General Plants.
Betta Krugersdorf – South Africa
Casting Hall enviromental control, Continuous Dryer 5600 pcs/day, Drying tunnel, Energy Recovery System.
Boston Valley Terra Cotta Orchard Park – New York – U.S.A.
ABS Static Dryer for pieces.
Brunelleschi Sieci (FI) – Italy
Gas Static Dryer for soft paste.
Caroma Wetherill Park – Australia
Continuous Dryer 2000 pieces a day.
Catalano Roma – Italy
Gas static Dryer.
Celeco Apodaca – Mexico
Gas Static Dryer for Ceramic Insulators with ABS System.
Ceramerica (Vilbomex) Ramos Arizpe – Mexico
Gas Static Dryer, Casting Hall Remote System, Modification to the existing Static Dryer.
Ceramerica (Vilbomex) Monterrey – Mexico
Moulds Dryer.
Ceramica Catalano Fabrica di Roma (VT) – Italy
Moulds Dryer, Static Dryer for pieces.
Ceramica Globo Castel Sant’Elia (VT) – Italy
Modification to the existing Static Dryers.
Ceramica Italia Bogotà – Colombia
Static Dynamic Dryer for pieces, Static Dryer for Moulds.
Ceramica Montecarlo Brazil
Static Dynamic Dryer for 2500 pieces per day.
Ceramiche Caleca Patti (ME) – Italy
Mechanical & Electrical Systems.
Ceramiche Reatine Rieti – Italy
Air Treatment Plant for Casting Shop 2210 m.
Cesame Catania – Italy
Air treatment plant for casting shop 2200 m.
Cesav Italy
Moulds Dryer, Continuous Rapid Dryer for 2500 pieces in Vitreous-China per day, Air Treatment Plant for Casting Shop 2700 m.
Cleopatra Ceramic Industry Ramadan City – Egypt
Casting Hall enviromental control 3150 m2, Casting Hall enviromental control 4000 m2, Conditioning System for deposit.
Colceramica Bogotà – Colombia
Continuous Dryer 6000 pcs/day, Continuous Dryer 2362 pcs/day, Predryer for High Pressure Casting, Casting Hall environmental control 4500 m2, Static Dryer 5 chambers.
Dal Tile Nuevo León – Mexico
Gas Static Dryer for pieces, Gas Continuous Dryer for plastisol.
Deca (Duratex) Jundiai – Brazil
Casting Shop environmental control, 3 Static Dynamic Dryers, Thermal Plant, Energy recovery systems, Conditioning System. Slip heating system.
Disegno Ceramica Civita Castellana – Italy
Static Gas Dryer for plaster moulds, Static Gas Dryer for pieces with Energy Recovery.
Dolomite Trichiana (BL) – Italy
Casting sensor.
Dominican Pottery Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic
Energy Recovery System.
Duravit Chongquing – China
Casting Hall Remote Conditioning System (5950 m), Thermal plant, Static Dryers (3 chambers).
Duravit Bizerte – Tunisia
Casting Hall air treatment centralized system, Overheated water thermal plant, Piping and insulation.
Edesa Quito – Ecuador
Static Dynamic Dryer 3610 pieces per day.
Ege Vitrifiye Izmir – Turkey
Air treatment plant for casting shop 6000 m, Mechanical and Electrical general plants.
Electroporcelana Gamma Antioquia – Colombia
Static Dryer for Insulators 18 trucks/cycle.
F. V. Quito – Ecuador
Static Dynamic Dryer for pieces in Vitreous-China, Air treatment plant for casting shop 1800 m.
Fahim Bangladesh
Static Dryer for pieces, Static Dryer for moulds, Casting Hall.
Fanaloza (Cisa Holding) Concepción – Chile
Static Dynamic Dryer, Mould Dryer, Casting Hall Conditioning System, Slip Heating, Thermal Plan, Static Dryer.
Ferrum Avellaneda – Argentina
Static Dynamic Dryer 2500 pcs/day, Continuous Dryer 7000 pcs/day, Casting hall Environmental Control 2880 m.
FIP Fabbrica Isolatori Porcellana Milano – Italy
Static Dryer for Ceramic Insulators, Static Dryer for ceramic complete with ABS.
Globo – Ilca Civita Castellana – Italy
Gas Static Dryer for Moulds.
Groupe Bouras Wilaya de Setif – Algeria
Static dryers with chambers for bricks and rooftiles.
Gruppo Sanitari Italia Gallese (VT) – Italy
Static Dryer for Moulds, Modifying of the existing Dryer, Gas Static Dryer for pieces and moulds.
Hua Mei China
Osmosis Water Treatment.
Icasa Andradas – Brazil
Static Dynamic Dryer 3024 pieces/day, Static Dynamic Dryer 2880 pcs/day, Moulds Dryer, Energy Recovery System, Slip Heating System, Casting Hall Environmental Control 6600 m2.
Ideal Standard Orcenico – Italy
Moulds dehydration tunnel for fine-fire clay. Pre Dryer for Vitreous China. Rapid Dryers Concept. Air Conditioning. Thermal Plant.
Ideal Standard Sevlievo – Bulgaria
Static Dynamic Dryer 896 shower-tray per day, Osmosis Water Treatment, Variable temperature pressure kit, “Desert Cooling” comfort system.
Ideal Standard – PT Indo America Jakarta South – Indonesian
Glaze Dryer Fed with an Air Recovery System from the kiln.
Incepa – Roca Laufen Group Jundiaì – Brazil
Static Dynamic Dryer 2616 pieces per day. Pre Dryer Continuous Tunnel for pieces.
Inker Zapresic – Croatia
Ventilation System for Casting Bench.
Jacob Delafon (Kohler) Zaragoza – Spain
Water Pre Drying Tunnel.
Jacob Delafon (Kohler) Tanger – Morocco
Overheated Water Battery, Revamping Existing Dryer.
Keramin Minsk – Belorussia
Continuous Dryer, Moulds Dryer, Energy Recovery System, Thermal plant, Casting Hall Conditioning System.
Kirovskaja Keramika Kirov Kaluga – Russia
Static Dryer for Moulds, Casting Halls Environmental control.
Kohler Spartanburg Spartanburg – U.S.A.
1 Tunnel Dryer, 2 Pre Dryer, 1 Handling System for Tunnel and Pre Dryer, 2 Green Finish stations.
Kolo (Sanitec) Kolo – Poland
Static Dryer for pieces/moulds.
Ladrillera Mecanizada Piedras Negras – Mexico
Gas Static Dryer with ABS ventilation system.
LAPP Insulator Co. Wunsiedel – Germany
Static Dryers for insulators, Static Dryer with ABS System.
LAPP Insulator Co. New York – U.S.A. 9 Static Batch Driers. Lecico Alexandria – Egypt
Air Treatment Plant for Casting Shop 3700 m.
Logasa – Roca Laufen Group Serra – Brazil
Static Dynamic Dryer 3456 pieces per day. Pre Dryer Tunnel for pieces.
M.I.C.C. Egypt
Air Treatment Plant for Casting Shop 1584 m.
Mancesa Colombia
Continuous Rapid Dryer 6200 pieces/day, Drying Tunnel for pre-drying, Air Treatment Plant for Casting Shop 3340 m.
Matzen y Sena Uruguay
Static Dynamic Dryer for moulds.
Mondial Italy
Air Treatment Plant for Casting Shop 2150 m.
Noginsky Stroyfarfor (Sanitec) Noginsk – Russia
Casting Hall, Slip Heating, Thermal Plant, Osmosis kit, Production System for de-ironed water.
Novoboch Belgium
Continuous Rapid Dryer 4230 pieces in Vitreous-China per day.
O.E.M.K. Starjy Oskol – Russia
Air Treatment Plant for Casting Shop 6200 m, Continuous Dryer for pieces, Continuous Dryer 5724 pcs/day, Moulds Dryer.
Ospag Austria
Drying Tunnel for Pre Drying high pressure casting wash-basins.
Owens Corning Parmur Turda – Romania
Gas Static Dryer for stones.
Poinsa Spain
Static Dryer.
Porcher (Ideal Standard) Le Coteau – France
Static Dynamic Dryer 1820 pieces in Vitreous-China per day.
Porcher (Ideal Standard) Revin – France
Static Dynamic Dryer 1008 pieces in Vitreous-China per day.
PPC Insulators Bangkok – Thailand
Static Dryer 7 chambers, Thermal Plant, Steam Generator.
Rainbow Civita Castellana – Italy
Air Treatment Plant for Casting Shop 2500 m.
Roca Spagna
Pre Drying tunnel for high pressure casting wash-basins.
Roca Leira – Portugal
Energy Recovery.
Romanceram (Cersanit) Neamt – Romania
Static Dynamic Dryer for pieces, Static Dryer for moulds.
Sanex Cluj-Napoca – Romania
Concept Static Dryer 1000 pieces/day.
Sangrà Uralita Spain
Static Dynamic Dryer for 1114 tanks per day.
Sanindusa Aveiro – Portugal
Casting Hall Environmental Control, Air Conditioning for storagehouse, Thermal Plant, Static Dryer with 5 chambers.
Sanindusa 2 Aveiro – Portugal
Air Treatment system for resin moulds production, Casting Hall environmental control, Temper Tank.
Saudi Ceramics Ryadh – Saudi Arabia
Dryer for One Piece Casting Bench, Casting Hall Air Treatment, Continuous Rapid Dryer, Gas Continuous Dryer 3.060 pieces/day.
Selles (Sanitec) Selles – France
Static Dynamic Dryer 800 pieces/day.
Sigma Varese – Italy
Static Dryer for refractories.
Soceram Doicesti – Romania
Semi Continuous Dryer.
Sok Samara – Russia
Casting Hall, Continuous Dryer.
Sphinx (Sanitec) Netherlands
Static Dynamic Dryer for fire fine clay.
Terreal Malaysia
Semi Continuous Dryer.
Terreal Colomiers – France
Countinuous Dryer for bricks.
Thermal Ceramics Casalpusterlengo – Italy
Fast Cooling Tunnel for refractories. Revamping of an existent Dryer.
Unisan Spain
Environmental Control System, Casting Hall, Modifying of Moulds Dryer, Slip Heating.
Vaal Meyerton – South Africa
Continuous Dryer with trolley, Thermal Plant 1.200 kW, Energy Recovery.
Vaserie Trevigiane Treviso – Italy
Modification of a Sanitary Ware Kiln in a 100 m Continuous Dryer for pots.
Venceramica (Cisa Holding) La Victoria – Venezuela
Continuous Dryer 21 trucks/cycle.
Viet – Try Viet Tri – Vietnam
Mechanized and manual Casting Hall Conditioning System.
Villeroy & Boch Germany
2-chamber Static Dryer for bowls.
Vitromex Monterrey – Mexico
Static Dynamic Dryer 2800 tanks per day, Continuous Rapid Dryer 3500 pieces per day, Thermal Plant.