Casting Hall Environmental Control

Our casting hall conditioning systems can guarantee a specific microclimate regardless of the external climate conditions variation. The halls may have just the delivery ducts or be equipped with a return and pre-mixing system with new air. The air is conveyed through adjustable diffusers, specifically studied to supply the air on the pieces and moulds at a homogenous speed. The system is composed of a vast network of ducts which affect only the lower part of the casting hall thus reducing both the volume of the air which has to be treated and the total energy cost. The air is treated by one or more air handling units which bring into the ambient external air from 0% to 100%. It is possible to have more than one casting a day because the ideal content of water of the moulds is swiftly recovered. Moreover, an efficient air filtering system avoids any possible pollution of the pieces, leaving the working environment cleaner and more comfortable for workers.


  • reduction of energy costs, since the distributive system with vertical diffusers allows the control of the area concerned without affecting the rest of the environment
  • higher productivity in traditional casting, because it allows the rapid recovery of the right moulds humidity tenor
  • elimination of breakings during casting, since it keeps the hygrometric conditions of speed and air homogeneity on pieces stable
  • possibility of using the cooling air from the kiln, without altering the evaporationg strength applied on the pieces’ surfaces thanks to an automatic regulation system
  • functioning with many types of fuel/thermal verctors (gas, LPG, diesel, diatermic oil, overheated water, steam, recovery from kilns, etc.)
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