Dryers for Ceramic & More

Progetti Plant can supply any kind of continuous or static dryer for ceramic (sanitarywares, ceramic insulators, bricks, refractories, etc.) and other materials (fiberglass, plaster, mosaic, etc.). Each single dryer is studied and designed by taking into consideration the specific requirements and the data supplied by the customer. Some of our products are:

  • Dryers for sanitarywares / refractories / ceramic insulators / plaster moulds;
  • Pre-dryers for high-pressure cast pieces;
  • Dryers for traditional casting benches;
  • Dryers for industrial muds.

The distinctive characteristics of our dryers for ceramic & more are:

  • very short cycles
  • hygrometrical homogeneity inside the drying chamber
  • study and realization for any kind of model and product
  • reduced dimensions
  • working with different types of fuel /thermal vectors (gas, LPG, diesel, diathermic oil, overheated water, steam, recovery from kilns, etc…)

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