Medical Equipment

Progetti Plant Medical Systems offers integrated solutions for hospitals, clinics, healthcare systems, and medical facility equipment projects.

Our objective is to optimize and adapt individual requirements to employ medical equipment project solutions with maximum reliability, simple maintenance, and featured technology.  As one of the leaders in private and public medical equipment project development, Progetti Plant has equipped hundreds of healthcare facilities and hospitals around the world offering a wide variety of services which include advisory, financing, logistics, and installation.  

Progetti Plant offers a wide range of services for medical equipment packages in everything from advising and financing to logistics and commissioning.

Areas of specialty in medical equipment include:

Medical Equipment Advisory

  • Study, evaluation and analysis of optimal medical equipment package needs
  • Technology paths

Medical Equipment Supply

  • Management, procurement, logistics, installation, commissioning and training of medical equipment.
  • Supplier database with over 2.000 suppliers and 40.000 different products
  • Integrated operations and facility management
  • Warranty, maintenance, service and operational support

Hospital, Clinic and Healthcare Technology Planning

  • Information technology and medical equipment programs
  • Comprehensive healthcare systems, individual facilities, and room by room equipment plans
  • Budgetary pricing and timeline execution schedule