Progetti Plant Medical Systems provides a wide range of services for healthcare facilities.

Supporting public hospitals, private clinics & other healthcare institutions, Progetti Plant Medical Systems is responsible for everything “from concept to completion”.
Areas of expertise include design & planning, development, equipment supply, training strategies, start-up consultation, and management of healthcare facilities.

Progetti Plant Medical Systems develops granular, customized solutions that foster long-term client relationships. The more we work with our clients, the better we become at optimizing solutions for their specific goals. The evolution of this client relationship is the key to our clients’ success.


For Innovation, you need Global Vision!

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. As population grows and life expectancy increases, providers have been more focused on prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Healthcare institutions must continue to upgrade their technologies and protocols, as well as explore more innovative and efficient patient care solutions.

A customized, innovative strategy requires a management partner who can offer continuous training, efficient procedures and comprehensive technical support. One who promotes transparency, pro-activity, reliability and integrity.

These are the foundations of our strategic client partnerships. With this vision, Progetti Plant Medical Systems has become an international Italian landmark in healthcare development, construction, start-up, training & operation of state-of-the-art hospital facilities.