Ceramic Innovation

Ceramic Innovation

Ceramic Innovation

Experiences with the top sanitarywares producers in the world makes Progetti a leader company in the ceramic industry, able to supply dryers for sanitarywares, casting shop environmental control technology, energy recovery, slip heating and many other systems.

With a team of talented engineers and technicians, Progetti counts many sanitaryware plants turn-key engineering projects and hundreds of installations in the ceramic sanitary industry, making it a guarantee of quality and reliability for Progetti customers.

Toilets, washbasins, one pieces, lavatories, urinals and their plaster moulds have no secrets for Progetti

Progetti static and continuous / semi-continuous tunnel dryers for bricks and roof tiles are designed for short cycles, low energy consumption, no internal maintenance and a fully controlled drying curve. Trucks handling, trays loading and unloading and other the other transport systems are possible in our dryers for clay that can be loaded with trucks or finger cars.

Innovative, efficient and low-energy consumption systems for brick drying.

Progetti dryers for porcelain insulators are designed for short and reliable cycles thanks to the experience matured over the years in laboratory tests.
The continuous improvement permits to reach an excellent energy efficiency to reduce fuel consumption. Before producing the HV insulators dryers, Progetti technicians test the product in the laboratory dryer for electrical insulators. This permits Progetti to do an optimized design of the dryer.
Our ceramic insulators dryers are able to dry any kind of alumina based piece: hollow, solid core, pins, long-rod, post, suspension, for LV, MV and HV.

Progetti dryers for refractories and technical ceramic and curing ovens up to 400ºC are quick and reliable thanks to years of tests in laboratory and to continuous improvement.

Before designing a static dryer or a tunnel dryer for refractories, Progetti team tests the products using a small test dryer (a special dryer for tests). The result is always a perfect custom-fit dryer for refractory materials! Some Progetti products are dryers for alumina products, dryers for silica bricks, curing ovens for resin bonded materials, dryers for refractory concrete, dryers for magnesita, curing ovens for silicon carbide brick (SiC), dryers for dense bricks and for precasted blocks. Refractories for glass industry, refractories for steel industry and reftactories for aluminium industry are just some of the materials we tested.

Progetti develops dryers for the refractories industry and for the factories producing technical ceramic.

Progetti continuous experimentation and innovation research is focused in both industrial dryers for products and dryers for sludge. Sludge drying is a key process to reduce the volume and mass of waste materials. Drying waste materials can produce raw material for other industries (asphalt, cement, road construction, etc.). Thermal treatments for industry are definitely our goal!

Progetti deals with the the drying of process and disposal industrial sludges, executing customized systems.

Progetti produces ovens for fiberglass (tunnels and drying chambers). Into the ovens for glass fiber air flow is very homogeneous and gentle, this permits to get bobbins drying without implosions.

Direct roving and assembled roving are just some of the products where Progetti is involved with fiberglass curing ovens.

Progetti produces also ovens for Chopped Strand Mat (CSM ovens) with heated rollers and vertical air flow.