Ceramic Innovation

Ceramic Innovation

Ceramic Innovation

Progetti produces continuous or static dryers for ceramic (sanitarywares, ceramic insulators, tiles, etc.) and other materials (bricks, fiberglass, plaster, mosaic, refractories, etc.). Progetti dryers are studied and designed taking into consideration customer requirements and production data.

Some of our products are:

  • Shuttle dryers and tunnel dryers for sanitarywares
  • Static chambers and continuous curing ovens for refractories
  • Drying chambers for ceramic insulators
  • Dryers and thermal treatments for plaster moulds
  • Predryers for one piece toilets or complex pieces
  • Casting benches drying systems
  • Dryers for industrial sludge
  • Ovens for fiberglass

The distinctive characteristics of our dryers for ceramic are:

  • Very short cycles
  • Temperature/humidity homogeneity inside the drying chamber
  • Taylor made design for any product typology
  • Reduced dimensions / weight
  • Multi fuel system (Natural gas, electricity, LPG, diesel, diathermic oil, hot water, superheated water, steam, energy from kilns, etc.)
Progetti casting hall conditioning systems guarantee a controlled specific microclimate even with high external climate variations.
The casting shops climate control design include air handling units, ductworks and special adjustable diffusers studied to provide controlled air flow on the sanitaryware products and moulds.
Casting hall environmental control system air distribution is designed to control just the production area reducing both the volume of the air which has to be treated and the total energy cost.
Special air handling units designed to operate in wet, dusty and warm enviroments, mix ambient air with external air to get the right air replacement (air changes per hour). AHUs are equipped with heating section (with natural gas burners or water heated coils), filtration system and humidification system.

Main benefits are:

  • Energy saving due to the vertical air distribution that optimises the flow increasing air homogeneity reducing at minimum ventilation cost.
  • Higher casting productivity due to the fast evaporation of moisture from moulds.
  • Casting quality improvement due to the homogeneous and stable air temperature and humidity values
  • Multi fuel functioning (gas, LPG, diesel, diatermic oil, overheated water, steam, recovery from kilns, etc.)

Progetti experience in the ceramic industry comes from more than 30 years of installations worldwide. Progetti provides engineering for new sanitaryware plants including the MEP design and complete layout of a new plant or solution to renovate existing plants.

Many references of greenfield sanitaryware projects worldwide with the major sanitaryware brands, makes Progetti a reliable partner for a new project! The range of services provided includes consultancy on the best production technology, layout design, equipment selection and mechanical and electrical system engineering (boiler rooms and heat distribution, electrical distribution, water network, compressed air, fire fighting, slip distribution, etc.)

Thanks to its experience in the energy recovery field and proud of the many installations carried out, Progetti proposes itself as a partner to support the ceramic companies for finding the best solution to rationalize the energy consumption.

The Progetti energy recovery systems allow to recover and transfer to the users the energy otherwise lost from the firing kilns (both tunnel kilns and shuttle kilns) with the following benefits:

  • remarkable reduction of the energy costs
  • no impact on the kiln working
  • application on all the continuous
  • intermittent kilns very easy maintenance
  • use of the recovered heat in (o for) dryers, conditioning systems of the casting hall, thermal plants, slip heating systems, ambient heating, sanitary water heating or others systems


  • indirect recovery: it consist of a recovery unit equipped with a smoke – overheated water exchanger with static intake with respect to the shaft. The recovered energy is sent to a thermal plant or directly to the users
  • direct recovery of the smokes with the energy directly transferred to the users. The losses of the recovery units, the kiln static pressure and the dynamic powers of the kiln are neutralized by an automatic fan system

The Progetti slip heating is a special system for the heating and control of the slip temperature.The slip runs through a special exchanger in stainless steel specifically studied to avoid any sedimentation and to prevent the air bubbles. The control is carried out by a microprocessor with both modulating and safety valves. The heating may be adjusted from 30 to 50°C.

The system has the following benefits:

  • slip constant temperature regardless or the external weather conditions
  • reduction of the thickness times and improvement of the piece consistency thanks to the exact adjustment of the slip temperature
  • working with many different fuels / thermal vectors (gas, LPG, diesel, diathermic oil, overheated water, steam, kiln recovery, etc…

Progetti handling systems are designed for dryers automatic functioning. Products loading and unloading devices, internal transport systems are some of the possible solution to avoid manual operations during drying.

Product transportation is done with trucks, pallets, trays and they can be automatic loaded/unloaded in the dryer with robots, pushers, pushing bars or conveyors. Transfer cars, turning tables, elevators, are just some of the Progetti systems to manipulate products into our dryers

Progetti supplies water treatments for ceramic industry and for all the other industrial requirements. Treatment of process water (from well or from aqueduct) and wastewaters treatment are some Progetti typical installations.

Main process water treatments Progetti offers are:

  • Filtering
  • Dechlorination
  • De-ironing
  • Softening
  • Reverse Osmosis
Waste water depuration Progetti offers are focused on physical water treatment:
  • Sedimentation (with silo or settling basin)
  • Chemicals (flocculants) preparation and dosage
  • Filter Press treatments
  • Final filtration
Progetti approach to drying is scientific and rigorous. Nothing is left to chance and no processes are random!
Progetti dryers for tests and ovens for laboratories are designed for customer products and typical ceramic drying process. Technical team runs specific drying tests to find the best drying cycles for each customer product.
Progetti dryers for testing and laboratory are dryers for rent, easily transportable by truck or container, complete with all the necessary laboratory probes and specific tools. Thanks to a loading cell, that measure piece’s loss of weight and to a shrinkage meter it is possible to find the material Bigot point and consequently the correct drying cycle to reduce production time.