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Energy Recovery Systems

Ceramic Innovation
Energy Recovery Systems

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Thanks to its experience in the energy recovery field and proud of the many installations carried out, Progetti proposes itself as a partner to support the ceramic companies for finding the best solution to rationalize the energy consumption.

The Progetti energy recovery systems allow to recover and transfer to the users the energy otherwise lost from the firing kilns (both tunnel kilns and shuttle kilns) with the following benefits:

  • remarkable reduction of the energy costs
  • no impact on the kiln working
  • application on all the continuous
  • intermittent kilns very easy maintenance
  • use of the recovered heat in (o for) dryers, conditioning systems of the casting hall, thermal plants, slip heating systems, ambient heating, sanitary water heating or others systems


  • indirect recovery: it consist of a recovery unit equipped with a smoke – overheated water exchanger with static intake with respect to the shaft. The recovered energy is sent to a thermal plant or directly to the users
  • direct recovery of the smokes with the energy directly transferred to the users. The losses of the recovery units, the kiln static pressure and the dynamic powers of the kiln are neutralized by an automatic fan system