Medical Systems
Cyclotron and Nuclear Project

Medical Systems
Cyclotron and Nuclear Project

Medical Systems – Areas

Progetti’s specific international experience joined local presence and expertise to create a unique multidisciplinary organization able to provide complete services for the planning, design and construction of hospitals, clinics and research centers through a turn-key approach. PROGETTI represent a single point of reference for all activities of hospital design and construction: feasibility studies, medical planning, design, construction and commissioning.

Progetti: from concept to completion!

Progetti has a specific international experience in the concept, design, realization and management of Nuclear Medicine, Cyclotron and Oncology Research facilities.

Our team has a unique successful 50 years’ experience in the field worldwide.

Our support to any project will be executed through a Multidisciplinary Project Team composed by experienced architects and engineers, specialized in hospital department planning and design. To provide innovative and high quality services, Progetti Project Team will involve main international experts in Nuclear Medicine, Radio-isotopes production process and Bioimaging Research. The Team is supported in all phases of project development by a dedicated advisory board, composed of medical professionals with a solid academic and managerial background in the above area.

  • ensure a correct installation, maintenance and decommissioning of technologies and medical equipment;
  • optimize the internal departmental paths, by defining the patients’, staff and logistics’ paths according to:
    • isotopes production process
    • clinical and research procedures featured within the facilities
  • ensure the suitability of the departmental area and the required rooms to perform safe clinical procedures;
  • achieve a complete functional and technical integration between the specialized departments (Cyclotron, Research, Nuclear Medicine Department) and other departments.
  • define the correct structural and MEP requirements;
  • minimize the potential dangers;
  • maximize the safety of the clinical procedures.

The successful achievement of the targets will lead to the maximization of efficiency, the improvement of cost-management results and the reduction and control of potential ineffectiveness.